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Project Description
Silvelright 4 application hosted on Windows Azure.
Upload any log file based on xml format.
View log, search log, diff log, catalog etc.

This project is originally a internal tools for uploading, viewing, diff-ing, searching, managing xml based log files. I use project as my learning project for Windows Azure and Silverlight 4.
After the first version, I realized that there might be more people using xml based log file and need to view them using a handy tool. So I decided to publish this project on Codeplex as a open source project.

The first version of xLogViewer was a Silverlight 3 application based on Windows Azure, using RIA Services. After I moved to Silvelight 4 with .NET4.0, the Windows Azure doesn't support DotNET4, and RIA Services doesn't support DotNet 3.5. So I have to remove the RIA Services part. That because the version2. Silvelright 4 + Windows Azure without RIA Services. In my plan, after Windows Azure support DotNET4 and RIA Services, I am going to release a version 3.

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